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3 Things You Need To Know Before...Buying a Garage Door

1. Which Is The Best Garage Door?

Learn the advantages of wood, steel, wood-composite & carriage house style and decide which type is best for you. That's the first decision you need to make... the pros and cons of each are all listed here:

Steel Garage Doors

Steel is the most popular material used for garage doors today because of its durability. Steel will look great forever and is virtually maintenance-free. It also has the advantage of being the least expensive garage door you can buy. If you're looking to add even more curb appeal, a Steel Door in Carriage Style like the one pictured might be just what you're looking for...

Carriage House Doors

Radically beautify your home with wood carriage house doors. These doors increase the curb appeal of your home so much that real estate studies have shown they increase the value of your house. But that's not the real reason to have them... the real reason is just how much you'll love the way the exterior of your home looks... and if the neighbors are a little jealous, well, that just can't be helped.

Wood Composite Garage Doors

Wood Composite garage doors come primed and ready paint. This environmentally friendly door is made mostly from recycled material and is crack-proof, split-proof and quiet. This door is insulated and the wood grain is properly registered so that the door has the elegance of wood. Once the wood-composite door is painted, it requires a minimum amount of maintenance. Wood composite garage doors are an excellent choice when you want your garage door color to match your home, window shutters etc. while avoiding the maintenance required by a wood door.

Custom Wood Garage Doors

In addition to the above styles, you may also consider doors that are unique and offer more options to match your home's design. These doors can reflect styles from old world doors, with decorative hand-forged hardware and architectural glass options. They are also available in gorgeous wood species such as Mahogany, Hemlock,and Cedar.

Custom garage doors offer many architectural styles to complement your home's design.

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