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When it’s time for a new roof you have a few options.

Call any ole roofing company and some guy may or may not show up on time. Then you have to beg for a written proposal. The price may be cheap, but do you feel sure? Don’t settle for a bid scratched on the back of a business card.

You can call a large home improvement company. They will send a professional sales person to your home. The downside is that they will be more expensive. Someone has to pay for all those TV ads and the sales commission…

getservicepro provides homeowners with the convenience of shopping for a roof online. Provide your street address and email and in a couple of days get a comprehensive aerial measurement report and exact project pricing. If you’re looking for a new roof in Chattanooga  or surrounding areas choose getservicepro for your next roof installation!

12 Point Roofing Installation Check List

1. Provide protection to landscape areas

2. Remove existing shingles and underlayment

3. Clean and inspect the roof deck

4. Replace flashing

5. Install dripedge along the eaves

6. Replace pipe boots

7. Apply waterproof membrane in all roof valleys

8. Cover roof deck with Certain Teed Roof Runner underlayment

9. Install starter shingles along the perimeter of the house

10. Evaluate and install proper method for ventilation per code requirements

11. Install the desired roofing shingle per Certain Teed’s Shingle Master standards

12.  Clean up debris including magnetic sweep to collect stray nails

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